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Church bulletin advJ.S. Paluch $1,372Friends of TabaresMar 10, 2022
ContributionActblue Donate to Dems $500Friends of TabaresMar 09, 2022
BannerBreaker Press $260Friends of TabaresFeb 18, 2022
ContributionActblue Citizens for Elizabeth Hernandez $1,000Friends of TabaresFeb 09, 2022
ContributionArcher Avenue St. Patrick's Day Parade $2,500Friends of TabaresFeb 08, 2022
PrintingBreaker Press $60Friends of TabaresJan 18, 2022
VotebuilderDemocratic Party of Illinois $750Friends of TabaresJan 05, 2022
ConsultingP2 Consulting Inc. $12,000Friends of TabaresDec 28, 2021
Membership duesGarfield Ridge Chamber of Commerce $175Friends of TabaresDec 25, 2021